Mörka Moln | About Us
We design, write, illustrate, film and compose. Creative Studio based in Vänersborg, Sweden.
creative studio, illustration, design, writing, storytelling, film, music, vänersborg, sweden
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About Us

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The clouds are dark, you say

You seem to prefer the clouds that are white

But I wish to correct you, if I may

You see, dark clouds simply absorb all the light

We are a multi-creative couple that only a few days after we first met started creating things together. The first thing we did was a children’s book about a seagull that feel alienated since she isn’t as violent as the other seagulls. After this first project we just kept going. We realized that our skills combined made us a powerful creative duo, and Mörka Moln is just that – all our bright and vibrant creative energy absorbed into one.

Illustration & Design

Everything from original drawings and narrative illustrations to vector or raster based graphic design for print or web. We also do basic visual branding – including logo, color palette, typography and iconography.

Writing & Storytelling

We love to tell a story. It could be a punchy copy text, a cozy children’s book, a studiously crafted verse, cinematic and visually dense prose or just some contemplative song lyrics.

Music & Film Production

We compose, write and produce music in a wide range of genres, from bombastic and symphonic film scores to intimate and organic singer-songwriter. And we visualize, plan, film and edit smaller film projects.